Star Wars: The Force Awakens......and it's associated parodies

I am and always have been a huge Star Wars fan. I am old enough to remember ESB and lucky enough to have seen ROTJ in the theater. However, I, like many die hard fans, was completely turned off by EP 1, 2 and 3. So much so that I have erased them from my memory and consider them to never have existed. That is why I wasn’t terribly excited when I heard that there was a new one being released (and being directed by J.J. Abrams).jar-jar-binks   And then I saw the trailer. Wow. Fantastic. I was excited again. I want to see this one. Now, that’s not why I’ve made this post. The reason for this post is because not only is there A NEW STAR WARS MOVIE COMING OUT, it appears to not suck. And there are a TON of great parodies of the trailer. Hysterical trailers. I’ve compiled a few of them here. Official Trailer: SNL Parody:

Guardians of the Galaxy trailer; you knew this would come and it is worth the watch: Lego version; also pretty funny: “George Lucas special Edition” parody; had to be done, he deserves it for making me wait in line for a day to have my experienced ruined by Jar-Jar Binks: Even a spaceballs version: Enjoy, Star Wars Fans, it looks like Boba Fett may have dragged this franchise out of the saarlacc pit.