RIP Chloe Buraglio. 1997-2013

A constant figure in our lives for the last 15+ years, Chloe was our faithful companion.  I recall taking her to work with me in my early days in IMG_0749the networking industry, going in on Saturdays to study and lab stuff up as far back as 1998.  I would often drive an hour from Bloomington to Champaign to let her out and walk her while Rebecca was studying during her time in veterinary school. Chloe was our faithful co-pilot on many adventures, outliving nearly all of her “vet school buddies” and all but one of our original seven pets. IMG_0500 Chloe came from the vermilion county  pound as an adult, likely a year or so old when Rebecca found her in 1997 as a junior surgery dog at the UIUC Vet school. She went from being a timid, quiet dog to the alpha female of the house in a very short time.  Being obviously part corgi, she would often herd cats, other dogs, kids, whatever needed put in line.  There is almost no story I can think of over the the last ~16 years that don’t involve or are related in some way to Chloe. There is a very distinct absence in our home without her that will, just like with Lenny, likely never be filled.  She will be missed greatly. Chloe Buraglio 1997(?) - April 6, 2013