Hey Joe brewing coffee mug

I’m a bit of a coffee nut. I love good, high quality coffee. I’ve written about it many”), many, many, many times.   In fact, I have a hard time getting going before coffee in the mornings, having been a coffee drinker since I was ~17 (I have no clue how my teeth aren’t stained; it baffles the dentist).  I don’t drink soda, just coffee, water and beer.  So, when a kickstarter for the Hey Joe brewing coffee mug was brought to my attention, I thought “wow, why has no one done this before?”.  What is it, you ask? It’s a battery powered, heating, coffee brewing mug.  That’s right. b4d953c3acb64df68c5d551c8088024e_large My initial reaction to this was “ok, I need that.  Now”. Anyone that travels and appreciates good coffee could really benefit from this mug.  I like an afternoon coffee, and when I’m traveling I have to find a decent place to get it and that is generally not an easy task because I like good coffee, and not over heated, burned coffee served too hot.  I’ll often end up with what I call “gas station swill” which is a poor substitute for decent coffee.  I partake in coffee when I’m traveling especially, and hotel coffee is…less than stellar. Starbucks is….consistent.  And over-roasted.  And served too hot.  And too expensive.  I will always seek out a decent mom-and-pop shop but those are hit and miss. I could see myself traveling with this thing.  Lets hope it meets the kickstarter request, because, frankly, I want one.  Check out the video if you don’t believe me.   Cool, right?  Business Insider even thinks so.  I hope it gets funded, it really is a neat idea (and I want one, damnit!).  I can name the number of things I’ve donated to on kickstarter on one hand.  This is one of them.