Straight off of the pfw

Straight off of the pfw mailing list: I had written some bad perl code that did something similar, importing and munging the data in the PeerGuardian list and installing in in a pf table, so far this looks much better. I’m anxious to check this out and am hoping to make it work easily with pfsense.

I enjoy beer. I

I enjoy beer. I don’t drink as much of it as I used to, but on occasion I like to down a few good ones (I’ll also down a few bad ones if that is all there is). I wouldn’t say I’m a “Beer Snob” as I’ve been known to drink anything from PBR, Natural Lite and Stag to a $12 imported porter. I’m not normally a big fan of the lighter stuff but I came across this ale, Smithwick’s.

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training againSo I started training

training again So I started training again after a month and a half of on-again off-again training and boy does it go quickly as you get older. The submission wrestling and cycling cardio are quick to slip away. Having been wrestling now for about 2 weeks (at 2 times a week, I’m not yet up to 4 again) I thought the cardio was a little better, but alas, as I hit the cycle at the gym this morning I was rudely awakened by tired legs and sucking wind.

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first wireless post!I just configured

first wireless post! I just configured u*blog on my treo 600, an awesome device (although I’d rather have a 650). anyway, this is being posted wirelessly. maybe now I’ll actually update this thing.

The breakup of the blog

The breakup of the blog really didn’t work. I have been so busy with work that I didn’t post at all. I had been traveling a lot lately, Seattle, Mexico, back to Seattle. All in all I was gone about a month. Seattle is probably the coolest US city I’ve been to, not as rain-soaked as many say. Both times I was there (a 4 day trip and an 11 day trip) for work it drizzled a bit but for the most part it was pretty nice.

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I'm such a spaz.

I’m such a spaz. My interests are all over the place. I don’t think that just one blog is enough so therefore I’m playing with the idea of breaking it up into 3 categories. One of my friends, Mike Aref, has just put his training journal online and it has given me inspiration to do the same. I think I’ll be breaking up my blog into 3 blog-like sections, training, technical/geeky, and hobbies (like beer, film, games, travel, etc)….

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Ahhh, many things have happened

Ahhh, many things have happened since my last post. I went to seattle to help with Scinet, Rebecca and I went to Mexico (cabo san lucas) for vacation, and I’ve been preparing for my return trip to Seattle for Supercomputing ‘05. The one thing I hate about travel is that it interrupts my training schedule. I especially miss the submission wrestling and jiu jitsu, I even miss the conditioning. I had to miss 2 submission tournaments and have to miss one more.

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I started trying to make

I started trying to make some packages for the pfsense platform. I’mnot really a developer and don’t know xml or php so I’m using this as an excuse to learn. My first attempt is with pftabled, a very useful c program for free and openbsd for manipulating pf tables remotely. First pass is available here

I came across this deal

I came across this deal at Yahoo has domain purchases for $1.99 per year. Normally I use godaddy but this was too good of a deal to pass up. I picked up again (I had let it lapse back in like 2000) for a couple of years for under $4.00 and moved the blog over to it. Not too bad of a deal for a self indulgent domain such as this.

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I did the CU across

I did the CU across the prairie metric century ride this weekend. We started at about 0845 and got finished around 1330, not a bad time for someone as inexperienced as myself I think. We did stop at 2 rest stops along the way for water. It was pretty fun, I never realized that Monticello, IL had so many nice houses out in the country around there. The head winds sucked toward the end and we had gotten started a little late, so heat was a small factor too.

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