Top 5 post-apocalyptic movies

I’m a huge fan of post-apocalyptic movies. In fact, next to humorous horror / gore movies (that’ll be my next list), I think they’re my favorite. This is a subject that my longtime friend and fellow movie enthusiast (as well as ex-video store co-worker) Sean Holland and I have discussed at length. In fact, this is eventually to the be subject of our first podcast. So as not to spoil the content of said podcast, I’m just going to give a list with minimal detail as opposed to a complex description of my reasoning.

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Doggie Doo

On a lighter note, someone got this toy for my oldest son for his 4th birthday. I laughed so hard a lost my breath when I head the sound.



This section of is maintained by the domain owner, me, Nick Buraglio. I’ve owned (as well as .net, .org and many other domains) since around 1997 and have done my best to do at least something with it. My technical notes and postings (other than maybe some stuff about gadgets) can be found over at, my technical blog. I’m a person of many interests. I hold a bachelors degree in arts and technology (sequence in photography) with a minor in film studies and some of a minor in applied computer science from Illinois State University and am currently employed by the University of Illinois as a Lead Network Engineer and am the Lead Network Engineer for the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) broadband project of the year, UC2B.

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Exercise for the oversubscribed, how to get and stay healthy in 2013 and beyond.

I’ve been a pretty active person for a long as I can remember. I try to stay physically fit and have done a lot of competing in my life. Triathlons, 5k, 10k, century bike rides, submission grappling tournaments, boxing…..lets just say I like to get out and push myself. I’ve trained with several guys that fought in the UFC….granted, they kicked my rear….but that doesn’t change the ffeact that I worked with them over the course of the last 10 years of my training.

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Holidays -- Cross post from

--I feel that this post is worthy of a cross post from since it is a very important topic for me. This time of year always reminds me of a time in my life that was a pivotal, life changing period for me. In 1988, I was transitioning out of BMX and BMX Freestyle and was looking for something individual, something I could do that didn’t require a team or a group but was something I could do myself, as an individual.

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Yeah, Ocean

I watched this video over and over and over and over until I wore out the VHS tape. These guys were wizards on a board. I think Ocean is like a professor or something now. Fantastic video. It makes me very nostalgic of the past.

Weirdest "Action Figures" ever.

The other night the boys and I were out and about in Urbana, IL. While we were roving around, we stopped by the Art Coop. I like to get my art supplies from a local source if possible. While we were there, I happened upon a shelf of very odd “action figures”. I wanted to buy them all but settled for pictures of the most strange. I really enjoyed the “Lunch Lady” one for some reason.

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RIP, Barley.

He was on;y supposed to live a year. 13 years later, we lost him and discovered how strong of a presence he actually was. The only cat to steal a cheese stick right from my hand and eat it. You will be missed, good sir. Very much.

Another New Glarus Oktoberfest in the books!

We didn’t get to go last year due to my son Zach being born….this year we were determined to makeit up for the staghorn cask tapping. Well, we were successful. It seemed a bit more low key this year, but the food was amazing and the beers were…..better than can be described. The staghorn cask was wow-factor good. Here is a little video of the cask tapping I stitched together.

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